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Undergraduate Admissions

Transfer Student Alliance Frequently Asked Questions

Q&A for Prospective TSA Members at UMBC’s Shady Grove campus in Rockville, MD:

  1. I received a letter or email about TSA. How was I selected to receive information about this program?
    UMBC partners with Maryland community colleges that are eager to share information about potential benefits their graduates can receive from four-year institutions. Your college recognizes you as an outstanding student, and therefore elected to send you information about TSA.
  2. I want to transfer to UMBC before I earn my Associate’s degree. Can I still apply for TSA?
    No, TSA is only for students who will earn their Associate’s before transferring to UMBC.
  3. I see that TSA members must achieve at least a cumulative 3.5 composite GPA to be eligible to receive the scholarship once they transfer to UMBC. How is this calculated?
    Your cumulative composite GPA is calculated by adding up the total number of quality points achieved at every college or university you have attended and dividing that by the number of attempted credits from every college or university you have attended. Please note that all transfer applicants to UMBC are required to submit an official transcript from every college or university attended, regardless of whether credit was earned or is desired for transfer to UMBC.
  4. If I apply for TSA, what are the next steps? How do I obtain my UMBC ID card?
    You will receive an email confirming your participation in TSA after you submit your TSA application online. Once you receive that email you can start enjoying the benefits of TSA! Instructions for how to obtain a UMBC ID card to gain access to UMBC-Shady Grove facilities and events and how to register for courses at the 25% TSA tuition discount will be included in the email. Keep an eye on your email for updates regarding the TSA program, including information on UMBC-Shady Grove visits to your college campus, UMBC-Shady Grove open houses, and reminders to apply to UMBC-Shady Grove closer to your planned semester of enrollment.

Q&A for Current TSA Members Not Yet Enrolled at UMBC’s Shady Grove campus in Rockville, MD:

  1. Now that I am in TSA, does that mean I do not need to apply for admission to UMBC once I obtain my Associate’s degree?
    No. All TSA members must still apply for admission to UMBC for the appropriate semester. In order to receive consideration for the TSA scholarship, members must submit an application for undergraduate admission by the priority deadline for the appropriate fall or spring semester (either March 15 or November 1).
  2. I already applied for TSA membership, but I found out that my anticipated date of enrollment has changed. Do I need to do anything?
    Yes! We want to be sure that you have the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding your transfer to UMBC, so please notify us if your planned semester of enrollment changes.
  3. I am submitting my application to UMBC, but will not complete my Associate’s degree until the end of this current semester. Is that okay?
    Of course! We realize most students will not have their Associate’s degrees posted on their transcripts when they apply. We can make an admissions decision based on your current transcript. Your final transcript reflecting your Associate’s degree will be required to confirm your TSA scholarship.