Football at UMBC? One Night a Year…

A glimpse into Superbowl night from our blogger Anna…

Superbowl Par-tay_1
Superbowl Party 2016 at The Commons’ Sports Zone

UMBC may not have its own football team, but don’t worry—you’ll still find the Super Bowl on TVs all around campus. You can even find it projected on a large screen in the Commons’ Sport Zone, thanks to (seb) [the student events board]. This year, 2016, is Super Bowl 50: the Carolina Panthers versus the Denver Broncos.

As a Maryland university minutes from Baltimore City, you’ll see people wearing purple for the Ravens more than any other color in support of any other team, so this year the overall game-day hype seems pretty tame. Nonetheless, people turn up to the SEB sponsored Super Bowl party. Why? Well if they weren’t there to watch the game, perhaps they were there to watch the commercials. Or to eat the free food. Or to watch the half-time show. Beyoncé anyone??

Whatever their reason, there’s a small crowd that appears as groups of friends claim their seats and their shares of wings and falafel (UMBC loves falafel). Lady Gaga belts out the national anthem while rocking some new snazzy hair-do, and kickoff soon follows. And…the game is on.

I’ll admit, I’m not a football fan, except when it comes to the Eagles, and even then, I’m a fairly reserved *whispers-whoo-hoo-under-my-breath* fan. With that being said, I’ll admit that this is the first year I’ve attended the Super Bowl party on campus. Thankfully, I was not let down. As a friend and I sat in the corner and caught up about life (love, and the inevitable pursuit of employment), refs called plays and people cheered sporadically, abruptly ending our conversation as we turned to the big screen to see what the fuss was all about. (If you watched the game and saw the beautiful, leaping touchdown, you too were blessed.) The atmosphere was tense, then chill, then tense, then chill. If you love football, you would have had a place at the party.

My favorite part was, of course, the half-time show. With Coldplay, Beyoncé, and Bruno Mars, how could it not be fabulous? We all made sure to scream extra-loudly for Beyoncé and her flaming entrance, which I was lucky enough to have caught on film (and I’m not usually very lucky when it comes to filming).

All in all, the party catered as much to those who need to scream at the screen to a player who clearly doesn’t see that so-and-so is open, as to those who just want to hear the game as they feverishly finish an assignment that’s due the next morning (yes, I saw you glasses-guy). Even I enjoyed the party!

— Anna Crow ’16