Real People Profiles: Emily Moroney

By David Hoffman

We’re asking some of the people you might encounter on the UMBC campus, including students, faculty, staff and alumni, to answer a few questions about themselves and their experiences. These are their responses.

Name: Emily Moroney

Hometown: C-I-N-C-I-N-N-A-T-I, OHIO!

Q: How long have you been at UMBC?

A:Since July 8, 2013.

Q: What is your current title (job or student organization position)?
A: Coordinator for Transition Programs (Off-Campus Student Services)
Q: In 12 words or less, what role(s) do you play on campus?
A: Advocate, innovator, collaborator, supporter, challenger, ‘do-er,’ programmer, strategize- ‘r’, friend, colleague, boss.
Q: What aspect of your UMBC role(s) do you enjoy most?
A: – Supervising my student staff (TSN/PACC). They are the best!
– Working with and for the amazing students here at UMBC.
– The collaborations on projects/initiatives with my very talented colleagues.
– Getting to do something different every single day.
Q: What is the most important or memorable thing you learned in college/have learned at UMBC?A: I learned a saying from a previous theatre professor/director that has stuck with me to this day: “To be early is to be on time. To be on time is to be late. To be late is to be…..[he said dead, but let’s not be morbid].”

People are valuable and time is precious. I’ve learned that respect more often than not is shown through the actions we make, not just the words we say.

Q: What is one way you have worked with others to make a positive difference at UMBC or in another community?

A: I currently work on a initiative/grant funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that focuses on the success(es) and retention of STEM transfer students between 2yr and 4yr institutions. Everyday, I get to work with incredibly intelligent, passionate and caring, administration, faculty, staff and students, in providing transfer specific services and programs to incoming UMBC transfer students. Every semester, I feel such joy from seeing students I met at community college start their orientation here at UMBC. I get even greater joy seeing them show up to events and getting involved as engaged leaders here at UMBC.

Q: Complete this sentence: “I am a big fan of __________”

A: Freshly brewed Iced Tea!
Q: Do you have any UMBC stories, little-known facts about UMBC, favorite spots on campus, or anything else you’d like to share?

A: My favorite spot on campus would be Alumni Office. Located in an old house, I find it fascinating—the bedroom offices to the backyard filled in pool. Every time I visit, I find myself curious about the families that lived there and the history/stories that lie within those walls.

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