Real People Profiles: Whitney Smith

By David Hoffman

We’re asking some of the people you might encounter on the UMBC campus, including students, faculty, staff and alumni, to answer a few questions about themselves and their experiences. These are their responses.

Name: Whitney Smith

Hometown: Rochester, NY

Q: How long have you been at UMBC?

A:3 years

Q: What is your current title (job or student organization position)?
A: Assistant Director, Sports Marketing, Promotions & Corporate Sales
Q: In 12 words or less, what role(s) do you play on campus?
A: Promoting our NCAA division I athletic programs to the campus and community.
Q: What aspect of your UMBC role(s) do you enjoy most?
A: Working with the students. Seeing our athletic teams succeed on and off the field.
Q: What is the most important or memorable thing you learned in college/have learned at UMBC?

A: The importance of forming meaningful relationships with those you work with.

Q: What is one way you have worked with others to make a positive difference at UMBC or in another community?

A: Directing the summer day camp. This served our community by providing a fun and safe environment for children. It also gave our counselors hands-on experience working with children. Many of our counselors received full-time teaching jobs at the completion of the camp!

Q: Complete this sentence: “I am a big fan of __________”

A: Taking initiative.
Q: Do you have any UMBC stories, little-known facts about UMBC, favorite spots on campus, or anything else you’d like to share?

A:Favorite spot on campus-definitely the Retriever Activities Center!

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