Run for SGA 2015-2016

By David Hoffman

by Craig Berger

Every undergraduate is a member of UMBC’s Student Government Association, but 20 students each year have the special privilege of organizing and supporting the others in making UMBC their own. Those 20 serve as elected officers of the Association: President, Executive Vice President, VP for Student Organizations, Treasurer, Senators (11) and Finance Board Representatives (5). (Read more about these positions here). Officer terms run for one year starting May 15th.

I hope you’ll consider applying to run for one of these positions for 2015-2016.

UMBC’s SGA has distinguished itself from others by getting beyond the standard “let’s pretend we’re politicians” model to make a real difference on campus. These positions offer a chance to work with others on initiatives that matter and can empower all students.

The application and election process is an open door, and I hope you’ll walk through it. You don’t need any experience; training and opportunities to learn come with these positions.

Applications are due Friday, March 27th at noon.

After the due date, all eligible candidates will receive more information via e-mail regarding next steps, including campaigning.

I serve as SGA’s staff advisor, and it’s a role I treasure because this SGA emphasizes using members’ gifts, energy, and relationships to create a platform for building a stronger UMBC community. It takes courage to make yourself vulnerable and to put your name and ideas in front of your peers, but I see so many students who take that risk and never look back, exploring issues and passions, forming friendships, and developing their confidence and sense of direction.

So check out the application, and if you have questions, contact me at or the Election Board Chair, Evan Leiter-Mason, at

I’ve been advising UMBC’s SGA for three and a half years, and each day I become more and more inspired by all that committed, courageous students can learn and accomplish together.


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