The Redesigned SAT

As of March 2016 the College Board has launched a redesigned SAT. The redesigned assessment will be scored on a 1600 scale (Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing).

The first cohort to primarily take the redesigned (new) SAT will be applicants for the entering class of 2017. However, some students will take the current (old) SAT before spring 2016 and then take the redesigned SAT at a later date. Both versions of the assessment will be treated equally in the admission process.

For more information about the redesign, please visit the College Board website.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the new SAT available as of March 2016, will you still allow students to submit the old SAT?

We will accept either version of the SAT, or the ACT. We do not have a preference for the old or redesigned SAT. However, for review as part of admission and scholarship consideration, old SAT scores will be converted to the new scoring system using the SAT Score Converter.

Will UMBC require the Optional Essay on the redesigned SAT?

No. The Optional Essay of the redesigned SAT is not required for our application. UMBC also does not require the Writing section of the ACT.

Will you super score across the old and redesigned SAT?

No. We will consider the highest component scores from either the old or redesigned assessment. The two assessments are different and therefore we cannot combine scores from the two exams. The College Board has provided concordance tables to compare between the redesigned and old SAT, which we will use to convert old SAT scores to the redesigned SAT score system.

Will the redesigned SAT be evaluated differently in the admission process?

No. Although the redesigned and old SAT tests are different assessments, we will consult the concordance information provided by the College Board to maintain continuity in our evaluation. For applicants submitting old SAT scores, these scores will be converted to the redesigned SAT scoring system using the SAT Score Converter.

If I have taken both the redesigned and old assessment, should I submit both scores to you?

Yes. If you have taken both the redesigned and old SAT, we recommend you submit both to us. Old SAT scores will be converted to the redesigned SAT score system using the highest scores in each section, and the highest total exam score will be used for admission and scholarship consideration.

Should I take the ACT instead since the SAT has changed?

No, that is not a primary reason to choose the ACT. More accurately, a redesigned assessment is not a reason to not take the SAT. We do not have a preference as to which test you take.

Will you accept the old SAT for applicants to the entering class of 2017 and beyond?

Yes. We will evaluate you based on the test you submit to us.

What resources are available to learn more about the new SAT?

We encourage you to visit the College Board website to learn more about the redesign. In addition, the College Board offers free prep resources in partnership with Khan Academy.

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