Historical & Cultural Studies

Individualized Study

The Individualized Study program (INDS) is for students to combine courses from two or more different academic disciplines, along with internships and independent studies, to create an individualized B.A. or B.S. degree. Students may declare an INDS major as early as the time at which they are admitted to UMBC, but many transfer into the …

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Critical Sexuality Studies

The Gender, Women’s, + Sexuality Studies department offers this interdisciplinary minor designed for students in any major who also want a concentration in the study of sexuality. The minor investigates the historical, political, and social life of sexuality both transhistorically and transnationally. Special attention is paid to how sexuality intersects with other differences, including gender, …

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Human Context of Science and Technology

The Human Context of Science and Technology (HCST) is an undergraduate certificate program that provides students a deeper understanding of the human context of science, technology, engineering, and medicine. Science, technology, engineering, and medicine exist in human contexts. STEMM fields are human, social endeavors and the products and practices of those fields have significant impacts …

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Africana Studies

The Department of Africana Studies provides students of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds the opportunity to gain a detailed understanding of the foundations of African American culture, from ancient Egypt to the present. Drawing from the intellectual heritage, accumulated knowledge, enduring experiences and contributions of Africa and its Diaspora, students explore new perspectives. Students may …

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American Studies

American studies is an interdisciplinary program. Students study culture and society from a historical and cultural perspective, thereby gaining an understanding of the various forces that shape our lives. American studies students can choose an emphasis in one of the following areas: communications, media and the arts; community and diversity; culture and policy; early childhood, …

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Ancient Studies

Ancient Studies students discover the world of the ancient Mediterranean with classes in archaeology, history, and Latin and ancient Greek language and literature. Participants in our annual study/travel program and our student excavators gain first-hand knowledge of ancient cities and sanctuaries when they visit these sites. Closer to home, our student excavators can prepare for …

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The Department of Sociology and Anthropology at UMBC offers majors and minors in sociology and in cultural anthropology. Sociology is the scientific study of human interaction and the institutions and organizations through which people organize their social lives. The sociology major is designed both for students who intend to enter the labor market upon receiving …

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Asian Studies

Asian Studies at UMBC is an interdisciplinary program, emphasizing study in Asian languages (currently Chinese, Japanese and Korean), history, society and culture, gender and women’s studies, literature, politics, economics, philosophy and music.

Gender and Women’s Studies

Gender, Women’s, + Sexuality Studies explores how gender and sexual identities shape and are shaped by daily life, culture and politics. Emphasizing the importance of historical and cross-cultural perspectives, the department’s courses critically examine the intersections of gender and sexuality with race, nation, class, and other identities to make visible the structures of power that …

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UMBC’s history department fosters students’ analytical and communication skills, broadens their perspective on the past and trains them to apply knowledge and analytical skills gained through the study of history for solving today’s and tomorrow’s most critical issues. The Department of History offers a Bachelor of Arts in History, minors in history and East Asian …

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