The Department of Sociology and Anthropology at UMBC offers majors and minors in sociology and in cultural anthropology. Sociology is the scientific study of human interaction and the institutions and organizations through which people organize their social lives. The sociology major is designed both for students who intend to enter the labor market upon receiving …

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Asian Studies

Asian Studies at UMBC is an interdisciplinary program, emphasizing study in Asian languages (currently Chinese, Japanese and Korean), history, society and culture, gender and women’s studies, literature, politics, economics, philosophy and music.

Gender and Women’s Studies

Gender and women’s studies seeks to understand how gender makes a difference in the lives of everyone, everywhere. It explores how femininity and masculinity shape and are shaped by daily life, culture and politics. Emphasizing the importance of historical and cross-cultural perspectives, UMBC’s Gender and Women’s Studies Program critically examines the intersections of genders and …

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UMBC’s history department fosters students’ analytical and communication skills, broadens their perspective on the past and trains them to apply knowledge and analytical skills gained through the study of history for solving today’s and tomorrow’s most critical issues. The Department of History offers a Bachelor of Arts in History, minors in history and East Asian …

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Judaic Studies

For students seeking an intellectual examination of the Jewish experience, UMBC offers the minor in Judaic studies. Although a major is not offered by the program, students may design a major course of study focusing on Judaic studies within interdisciplinary studies. The interdisciplinary minor program is designed to build understandings of Judaism from historical, literary, …

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Religious Studies

The religious studies program, available as a minor, gives students a broad knowledge of humanity’s rich religious heritage and increases their appreciation of the human religious experience. The program is interdisciplinary, drawing on the resources of many departments such as history and philosophy. Professors from seven UMBC departments, as well as visiting professors from other …

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UMBC’s English Departmental is a vibrant center for teaching, learning and research with two major tracks: the Literature Track, for the broad range and diverse traditions of literature written in English, and the Communication and Technology Track, for written and spoken communication and the new information technologies. The English minors feature literature, creative writing, journalism …

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Media and Communication Studies

As communication technology becomes increasingly digital, interactive, and pervasive, so does the need for its citizens and workforce to be able to communicate across a range of media, genres, and cultural contexts. UMBC’s Media and Communication Studies program represents an exciting and interdisciplinary response to this need. The program offers majors a critical and practical …

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Africana Studies

The Department of Africana Studies provides students of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds the opportunity to gain a detailed understanding of the foundations of African American culture, from ancient Egypt to the present. Drawing from the intellectual heritage, accumulated knowledge, enduring experiences and contributions of Africa and its Diaspora, students explore new perspectives. Students may …

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Modern Languages and Linguistics

The Department of Modern Languages, Linguistics, and Intercultural Communication (MLLI) offers students an innovative, multi-disciplinary program with a triple focus: language, literature and society. Courses are offered in Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Russian and Spanish, as well as linguistics and intercultural communication. Students can major in French, German, Russian, Spanish, a combination of any two of these languages, language and …

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