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Individualized Study

Department Facts

UMBC's Individualized Study program offers students the opportunity to explore multiple areas of academic interest by designing their own course of study. Individually designed majors, tailored to specific education and career goals, are ideal for students who wish to be engaged in a collaborative academic environment and to work closely with faculty and staff. Students develop proposals for bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degrees with faculty guidance and are encouraged to integrate independent study, internships, research and creative work into their programs.

A sampling of majors students have recently created include:

  • anthropology and women's studies
  • biomedical ethics
  • Chinese language and culture
  • community health
  • criminal justice
  • environmental ethics and policy
  • human-computer interaction
  • international and global studies
  • music and religious studies
  • neuroscience
  • science journalism

Graduates from the Individualized Study program have entered careers with investment firms, the media, environmental organizations, allied health companies and all levels of the government and have received advanced training and degrees in medicine, divinity and law, among other fields.

The Individualized Study Council of Majors, open to all INDS majors, meets monthly, sponsors social and educational events throughout the year and acts as the hub of an informal network of student majors.

The Individualized Study program draws faculty from the entire UMBC community and from resources in the region.

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