Bioinfomatics & Computational Biology

This program offers a combination of biology, computer science and mathematics. Graduates will acquire the necessary skills for data analysis of complex databases, extraction of essential information from genomic sequence information, modeling of biological and ecological systems, as well as the design and development of software and algorithms to support these activities.

Students also have the opportunity to engage in independent research in the lab, the field and the library and working one-on-one with a faculty mentor.The curriculum consists of 83-86 credits in the modern biological and related sciences (computer science, chemistry, information systems, mathematics and physics).

This program is appropriate for any student desiring a focused, in-depth grounding in all the essential elements of computational biology. An undergraduate degree in bioinformatics and computational biology provides students with an excellent background for employment in industry, academia or government; for graduate studies in the areas of bioinformatics, biology, computational biology or molecular biology; and for professional schools in medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine.

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