The Department of Geography and Environmental Systems offers programs of study in environmental sciencecartographyenvironmental studiesgeographic information systemsenvironmental geography and teaching. Geography and environmental systems traditionally encompasses the study of spatial patterns in both the natural and cultural environment. The dynamic and interdisciplinary character of the field is becoming increasingly relevant for a range of societal and environmental problems, including urban and suburban economic development, poverty and crime, human health, water resources and quality, land and soil resources, biodiversity and habitat loss and climate change.

These programs are designed to prepare students for graduate school, a career in business or government or a career in education. Graduates find employment with companies seeking expertise in geographic information systems and remote sensing, cartography, planning, facility location, distribution and transportation problems and environmental consulting and analysis.

Public-sector employment opportunities include city and county planning and zoning agencies, government agencies, teaching and law enforcement agencies. Graduates are hired by government agencies such as the National Geographic Society, U.S. Geological Survey, Environmental Protection Agency, Commerce Department, State Department and CIA. Graduates are employed in private-sector firms such as environmental consulting, remote sensing and mapping services.

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