Chemistry & Biochemistry

The department of chemistry and biochemistry offers students the opportunity to study in a program tailored to meet their career objectives. The department is large enough to provide excellent training and research facilities, and small enough to encourage a close working relationship with the professors. UMBC chemistry majors can choose between a B.S. or B.A. in chemistry, a B.S. in biochemistry and molecular biology, or a B.A. in chemistry education.

The professors are devoted to both teaching and research. Their scientific and scholarly achievements attract almost $4 million in funding per year, resulting in many opportunities for students to participate in undergraduate research in their labs and to gain exposure to cutting-edge science in their classrooms. The department also offers industrial internships with various and governmental partners for additional hands-on experience.

For students who seek support outside of the classroom, the Chemistry Tutorial Center is staffed by a full-time chemistry instructor and 25 advanced undergraduates who provide free tutoring for students in first-year and sophomore chemistry courses. Small group tutoring and computer-assisted, special topics lessons are available.

Student life within the department is enriched by the American Chemical Society student affiliate chapter and the Chemistry/Biochemistry Council of Majors, which supports an active lecture and tour program to acquaint UMBC students with various career options.

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