Individualized Study

The Individualized Study program (INDS) is for students to combine courses from two or more different academic disciplines, along with internships and independent studies, to create an individualized B.A. or B.S. degree. Students may declare an INDS major as early as the time at which they are admitted to UMBC, but many transfer into the program as a change of major. INDS requires a sequence of coursework that spans four semesters, and sometimes takes longer. Students interested in exploring the INDS major should contact or call 410-455-2004 for an appointment.

Core Curriculum:

  • INDS 330 Ways of Knowing (Writing Intensive) – Sophomore
  • INDS 335 Interdisciplinary Degree Plan Writing Seminar – Sophomore
  • INDS 399 Guided Reading in Interdisciplinary Studies – Junior
  • INDS 430 Interdisciplinary Studies Special Topics Seminar – Junior
  • INDS 480 Capstone Project Seminar – Senior
  • INDS 490 Capstone Project – Senior

This degree works well for students who have identified the future they intend after UMBC. By working closely with your advisor, you will use this goal to develop a detailed degree plan that makes you a competitive candidate for this future. As part of designing your degree, you will work with two faculty mentors who later support you through designing and completing a capstone research project.

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