Judaic Studies

For students seeking an intellectual examination of the Jewish experience, UMBC offers the minor in Judaic studies. Although a major is not offered by the program, students may design a major course of study focusing on Judaic studies within interdisciplinary studies. The interdisciplinary minor program is designed to build understandings of Judaism from historical, literary, social, cultural, religious and philosophical perspectives. Judaic studies and Hebrew courses are taught by members of the UMBC faculty and by scholars, researchers, authors, rabbis and artists from the greater Baltimore-Washington area.

Students can extend and apply their knowledge in a research, internship, or supervised study experience. The surrounding community offers a wide variety of settings and opportunities for research and internships. Opportunities for study abroad are available at all times of the year.

Students minoring in Judaic studies choose careers in fields such as archaeology, historical research, education, social work, Jewish communal service and intercultural and international relations.

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