Network Administration

The Department of Information Systems offers programs of study in network administrationweb developmentdecision-making support and the human context of science and technology. The information systems department teaches students how to design, build and manage computer systems and to be knowledgeable users of them. Students take courses in disciplines such as mathematics and statistics, computer programming, management science, economics and technical writing as well as specific courses in computer information system analysis, design, construction and management.

The Department of Information Systems offers several degree options, including a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science/Master of Science, which allows students to begin master’s level work in their senior year. The Bachelor of Arts in Business Technology Administration is designed for students who want a grounding in the development and use of office systems. The Bachelor of Science in Information Systems gives students an in-depth technical education in computer information systems, and allows students to specialize through the choice of elective courses such as computer networking and health care informatics.

Information systems students are encouraged to participate in internships or co-ops. Students gain practical work experience from companies such as Comcast Cable, the U.S. Census Bureau and the Naval Research Labs. Through the Information Systems Council of Majors, students have opportunities to attend professional meetings of computer-related societies.

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