Personnel and Industrial Psychology

The Department of Psychology offers programs of study leading to either a B.A. or B. S. degree, as well as concentrations in human services psychology, biopsychology and developmental psychology, and a certificate in personnel and industrial psychology. The psychology department provides an exceptional opportunity for students to see how basic laboratory research can be translated into treatments, interventions and policies that improve the quality of life. Interested undergraduates work with internationally-recognized researchers at the cutting edge of science, studying such topics as the neurological basis of laughter, pain management in children, domestic violence and how rats and people regulate eating. The department honors program enables students to conduct their own independent research in collaboration with a faculty member. In addition, faculty-sponsored off-campus internships provide additional experience with diverse populations, such as children with autism and individuals with sickle cell disease.

The psychology major provides a firm foundation for students interested in graduate study and a wide range of careers and professions. Positions held by graduates include clinical, counseling, school or industrial psychologist, research consultant, personnel administrator, teacher, university professor, social worker, lawyer and physician. Each year, many graduating seniors go on directly to graduate programs in psychology and related fields such as social work. Many are admitted to programs that are among the most highly rated in the United States.

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