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Black and Gold Information Sessions
Various Dates

Hear directly from an admissions counselor about our admissions requirements, scholarships, academic programs, and more. 

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Join Our Campus Community: Virtual Diversity Dialogues with i3b
OCA Mocha Mondays
Select Mondays, 6:00-7:30 p.m.

Hosted by i3b (Initiatives for Identity, Inclusion, and Belonging) and the campus-community coffee shop, OCA Mocha, OCA Mocha Mondays invites campus and community to join together to begin dialoguing about the social justice topics that impact our daily lives. At i3b, we believe in utilizing dialogue and dialogue skills, like generous listening and cross-cultural storytelling, to co-create a more socially just future. Further, we believe in the importance of community both across campus and with our wider community of neighbors. Please register to have the link sent directly to you.

February 15: Unpacking Identity
March 8: Allyship for Disability Justice
April 19: Interfaith Dialogues
May 17: Class and Social Mobility
June 21: Protests and Policing

OCA Mocha Mondays: Diversity Dialogues with i3b will be held virtually, but once it’s safe to return, we will gather together in person at OCA Mocha.


Summer Preview

This virtual open house gave attendees the chance to learn about the majors and programs at UMBC, talk to current UMBC students, and explore our Honors College and premier Scholars Programs. We also covered details surrounding our admissions process and financial aid and scholarships. View sessions offered on-demand here.

Meet the Colleges: A Fall Open House Series for First Year Students

Want to learn more about specific majors and programs offered here at UMBC? Our College Open House series is a great opportunity. Join faculty, staff, and students from the college you’re considering as they walk you through the degrees, programs, research, and career opportunities within the college. You’ll also have an option to hear from Admissions and Financial Aid and Scholarships to learn about how to join Retriever Nation and finance your college education. Virtual campus tours will also be available.

College of Engineering and Information and Technology Open House, VIEW RECORDINGS
College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences Open House, VIEW RECORDINGS
College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Open House, VIEW RECORDINGS

Honors College and Scholars Programs Open House

Learn about UMBC’s Honors College and seven premiere Scholars Programs. Each program will go over their application requirements, the unique experience you’ll get to be a part of through their scholarship, and their alumni success stories. VIEW RECORDINGS

TransferFest: Connecting Transfer Students to UMBC

This is your chance to learn more about what it’s like to transfer to UMBC and become part of our Retriever community. Learn about all the academic opportunities at UMBC, from the arts, humanities, and social sciences to computing and engineering. Faculty, staff, and students share their UMBC experience and and a Virtual Photo Tour of UMBC with some of our current transfer students is offered. Admissions and Financial Aid and Scholarships provide helpful tips to learn about how to join Retriever Nation, credit transfer, and financing your college education. VIEW RECORDINGS

Transfer Student Week

We held a week-long series of sessions specifically for our future transfer students to connect with current students, faculty, and staff who make up the UMBC community. View transfer-specific sessions on-demand here.

Pre-Recorded Black and Gold Information Session

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