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Undergraduate Admissions

UMBC Virtual Tour

Want to take a look at our beautiful tree-lined campus? We have over 25 panoramic views of every spot on our campus, from the academic buildings to the Commons to the dorms to even the popular weight room at the RAC! You’ll find on this tour shady spots for a quick read by the pond or under a tree, sunny spots where students gather, and all the buildings in between where UMBC students play, learn and live.

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A Day at UMBC

From sunrise to sunset, UMBC hums with activity. Students shift from class, research and creative endeavors to sporting events, festivals and concerts. They work together everyday to build a vibrant and dynamic campus community. Just like there is no typical day at UMBC, there is no typical UMBC student. This video, which captures our lively campus from dawn until well after dusk, was created entirely by Tolu Omokehinde, a Meyerhoff Scholar and Biochemistry major with a passion for time lapse photography. His ability to follow his creative passion allowed him capture his perspective from the rooftops of UMBC.

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