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Why Claim Your Future at UMBC?

You’ll Find Your Path

92% of the UMBC class of 2022 reported firm plans of being employed and/or heading to graduate school.

Impressive Internships

At UMBC, you’ll find opportunities not only to team up on research and creative projects, but to explore even further through amazing internships.

We Top The List

In 2024, UMBC ranked #12 nationally on U.S. News and World Report’s closely-watched list of universities with a “strong commitment to undergraduate teaching.”

Meet Our Community of Retriever Believers

Photo of Fabiha

Fabiha '18, M.P.S. ‘20

Political Science and Cybersecurity

“When I was visiting colleges, the one thing that really struck me about UMBC was how close-knit and diverse the community is. For me, it’s really important to have interpersonal relationships with my professors.”

Blake '19

Physics and Mathematics

“Coming to UMBC and the McNair Scholars community in particular really helped me to open up to meet people with different backgrounds and experience different things.”

Photo of Dr. Moffit

Dr. Kimberly Moffitt

American Studies

“UMBC reminds me of my undergraduate institution in terms of its student diversity, geographic appeal to students (and) commitment to academic excellence.”