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Great! Nothing wrong with a little exploration.

Below you will find a plethora of opportunities to learn more about UMBC and figure out if it’s the right fit for you.

Visit Campus

There’s no better way to experience what life as a Retriever is like than by visiting campus. Whether you’re just learning about UMBC or are looking to build upon a prior visit, we welcome you to explore #RetrieverNation in person on a campus tour!

A diverse group of students studying together in a computer lab.

Learn about Financing Your Education

Whether you’re interested in UMBC scholarships or have questions about the FAFSA, UMBC’s financial aid and scholarships office has the information you need. Be sure to direct any questions to your UMBC Financial Aid Counselor. Students who complete the FAFSA will begin receiving financial aid awards through their UMBC email as early as mid-March (fall enrollment) or end of October (spring enrollment).

Connect with Your Admissions Counselor

The Undergraduate Admissions team is always happy to answer questions about our campus, academics, next steps, and more! Schedule an appointment with your regional representative at a time that works for you.

Chat with Current Students

Want to really know what it’s like to be part of a university dedicated to inclusive excellence? Curious about what students do for fun? Connect with one or more of our knowledgeable student Grit Guides and get the inside scoop on #RetrieverNation!

A diverse group of students, studying outside together.

Discover our Community of Inquiring Minds

There are a ton of reasons why students choose UMBC – from award-winning undergraduate teaching to amazing research opportunities to a supportive community that helps you discover your passions, the data speaks for itself!

Students cheering and waving their arms at a Soccer Game

Find Your Home

Wondering what you will be doing outside the classroom if you choose to become a UMBC student? How much time do you have? Explore everything from living and dining on campus to student life to connecting with the local community and nearby cities.

Explore the UMBC-Shady Grove Community

Admitted to a UMBC degree program at the Universities at Shady Grove (USG) campus in Rockville, MD? Learn more about what it means to be part of not one, but two vibrant and supportive communities – with double the resources and double the fun!

UMBC at night during Quadmania. The lawn is full of students sitting outside, and buildings are lit in the background.

Once You’re Ready, Secure Your Spot!

Convinced UMBC is the place for you? Accept your offer of admission on your myUMBC portal and then follow the checklist in the dropdown above to become Retriever-Ready!

Rub True Grit’s Nose for Good Luck!

Let the celebrations continue as you jam out to our Welcome to UMBC Spotify Playlist, while enjoying coloring pages and other fun activities, courtesy of fellow UMBC students!