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Undergraduate Admissions

Planning Your Transfer

While UMBC does not require specific courses to transfer, there are tasks you can complete prior to transfer that can help shorten your time to graduation. Below are general suggestions to help you and your transfer advisor determine the best path to UMBC.

Apply for Membership in the Transfer Student Alliance

The Transfer Student Alliance (TSA) is a non-binding benefit program for students intending to complete an associate degree at a Maryland community college prior to transferring to UMBC. Benefits include guaranteed admission, guaranteed housing, and guaranteed scholarship.

Awarding of Transfer Credits

The Admissions Committee recognizes that how your credits from previous institutions transfer to UMBC is an important consideration in your college selection process. Use ARTSYS and TES to assist you in estimating how credits earned at other institutions will transfer to UMBC. In addition, learn more about the University’s Transfer Credit Policies.

Review your Major’s Benchmark Requirements

Review the Academic Pathway for your intended major. Please note the Benchmark Requirements listed in the first two years that should be fulfilled prior to transferring for timely degree completion. Reminder: you have the option to take a course concurrently as a non-degree seeking student at UMBC during Fall and Spring terms or as a visiting student during the Summer and Winter sessions.

Understand the General Education Program (GEP) Requirements

General education requirements are different at each institution. Please review how your previous coursework satisfies UMBC’s General Education Program (GEP) requirements and if you will need to complete any additional general education courses prior to graduating from UMBC.

Learn about Transfer Pathways with your Community College

UMBC partners with Maryland community colleges across the state to develop direct pathways into a variety of majors. Find out if there is a Transfer Pathway from your school into your intended major by selecting your school on the left.

Earn an Associate Degree

Maryland community college students who have completed an associate degree with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher shall be considered admissible for direct transfer to UMBC.

Financial Aid

UMBC offers both need and merit-based aid for transfer students. Learn more about Financial Aid for transfer students at UMBC.